Team Work

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the members of your team. Your assistance and direction is invaluable.

ZW, Facility

Great Service

I could not believe my eyes when THREE refund checks were sent to me today that covered the cost of our daughter's treatment. That is so amazingly great, I can't tell you how incredibly grateful and happy I am for all you have done for our family. As a single mother with two kids trying to have to take care of all these expenses myself, draining my retirement account. This is by far the world's greatest Christmas present.

J., Client

Incredible news

Yes, that was incredible news. Again, thank you for all your help. You guys are amazing. We never thought we had a chance with our insurance company.

J., Client

Great people to work with

I can't tell you enough how grateful we are for all the help you've given us. It has been a long road but worth the fight!

J.M., Client

They know what they're doing

Dear DMI Staff, I wanted to thank you personally for all your efforts on behalf of our family.It is note worth of how your staff interacted with the facility and the therapists to make it a successful experience. Please know how grateful I am for your ongoing support and guidance.

N., Client

Client liaison and advocate

Thank you so much for being a liaison on this. I have been so thrilled with your response time, case management, customer service/friendliness, and organization and would definitely like to let your management know that. Thanks again!

M., Client

Customer Service

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it and all DMI has done for us. Your specific customer service was wonderful. I only wish we had had you since the very start! All the best,

K., Client

Ready to move forward

As you already know, after more than a year of battles, our insurance company finally agreed to payment for our son’s residential treatment center. This was due, in large part to the persistence of the Denials Management. I have nothing but praise for the entire staff. We are now ready to move forward.

K., Client

Fighting the exhaustive battle

Thank you Denials Management! I appreciate your understanding, diligence and hard work. I do believe you have my family best interest at heart. I am truly grateful there are people out there that will assist in fighting this exhausting battle.

J., Client